Frequently Asked Questions


I’d like to come check out Kiwi Dogz, can I just stop in?

Absolutely, we can  give you a tour of our facility so you can make sure that KIWIdogz is the place for you pup. When stopping in for your tour please do not bring your dog as all new guests must first  register and set up a Play Day Evaluation prior to booking KIWIday or KIWIstay services. REGISTER HERE

How do you group the dogs?

KIWIdogz takes great pride in providing a safe and fun environment for your pup.  Dogz are grouped based on multiple factors. The first factor is by size to ensure safety.  We then measure personality, age, play styles, social history and doggy friendships. The grouping of the pups is of utmost importance in ensuring a stress free and fun play day or stay.

Will my pup be supervised?

Yes! While in group play, your pup in under constant supervision.  The only time your pup is alone is while resting in his or her kennel suite.

What is the The Play day Evaluation Process?

Our Play Day Evaluation is a free one day evaluation where our staff will determine whether your dog will be successful at KIWIdogz.  During your dogz visit, we will evaluate your dogz personality. What is your pup like with friends? Shy or Bossy? Social or stressed in group situations?  Each pooch has his or her very unique personality. We will carefully introduce your pup to preselected friends throughout the day to see how they interact and if KIWIdogz is a place he or she will thrive. REGISTER HERE

Are there indoor and outdoor facilities?

Yes. KIWIdogz is an abundant 13,000 square feet of thoughtfully designed space featuring open spaces for fun and play as well as spacious boarding kennels for your dog(z) to rest and replenish.   

Are reservations required?

Reservations are required for both KIWIday (daycare) and KIWIstay (boarding.)  KIWIdogz fills up quickly, especially during holidays and times of heavy travel. We can only accept as many dogz as our facility allows and we would hate to have to turn you away.

Should I provide my dogz food for Boarding?

Yes, please! We like to ensure your pups comfort and happiness while staying with us.  A change in diet may cause a belly ache and unnecessary stress to your pup. Please note that food must be individually bagged by meal (each meal, each day) and clearly labeled.

Your doggy may bring other comforts from home as well.  A toy or an unlaundered clothing item may be comforting. But please do not send your dogz favorites in the event that it is misplaced.  Although we will try, we cannot guarantee these items make it home.

Should I provide my dogz food for daycare?

No, it’s not necessary to bring food to daycare unless your doggy has medical needs that require three meals a day.

Will my dog be with aggressive dogs?

No. We screen all our guest during our (required) Play Day Evaluation prior to service.  Aggressive dogs are not welcome.

Do dogz have to play all day?

No.  Your dog will determine his or her pace. Group play is 7am-7pm, but boarding guests spend meals in their private kennel.  KIWIday guests go into their private kennel for a midday rest. Your pup will determine how much or how little they would like to play.  We do not force play.

Are your services good for my old dog?

We urge you to be aware of your dogz capabilities.  Stress can compromise the health of your dog. If being away from mom or dad will stress your dog, or if being with other more energetic pooches is too much for your senior, perhaps KIWIdogz is not the best fit.  In home care may be best for high stress pups. If you are concerned and would like recommendations for your senior pet, please ask us. We are happy to help!

How late can I drop off my dog?

We ask that you arrive no later than 12pm for KIWIstay (boarding) and 10:30am for KIWIday (daycare).

What will happen if I can’t get to Kiwi before closing?

We ask that you call as soon as you know that you will not arrive on time and we will board your pup for the night.

Are you able to groom my dog during a stay in daycare?

Yes, of course! Please call and make a reservation for spa services.

What if my dog gets sick while at Kiwi Dogz?

We have vowed to care for your pet like our own and we take this very seriously. All pups must be up to date on vaccines and in good health.  But even healthy dogs can get sick sometimes. In this case, we will remove your pup from the general population to ensure that no others get sick.  At this time we will place your doggy in a suite and make sure he or she is comfortable and cared for. We will call you to arrange that your pup be picked up and back in the comfort of his or her home.

What is Canine/Kennel Cough?

Canine Cough is equivalent to the common cold or flu.  Symptoms include a hacking cough and runny nose. Germs are easily spread while in the company of groups of friends at the park or at daycare. KIWI takes the health of your dogz very seriously. All pets are properly vaccinated to be able to use our services. We use an air filtration system to purify the air.  We also keep a close eye on the health of your pets, requiring sick dogs stay home and recover. If you suspect your pup has canine cough, please notify us immediately. We also recommend a visit to your vet. While the cough may clear on its own, vets sometimes put pups on antibiotics to prevent secondary infections. For more information on Canine Cough, click here.

Can my dog get injured in your care?

At KIWIdogz, safety is always first and foremost our priority  We carefully screen the dogz to make sure they are social with other dogz and people.  We train our employees and require testing and pride ourself on thoughtfully grouping your pups with friends.  But unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to canine behavior. If an accident or injury were to occur, we proceed with complete transparency.  We would contact you immediately and let you know the situation and how it is being handled. If your pup is the aggressor in the situation and is a danger to our staff or other dogz, he/she will be ask not to come back.  We take safety very seriously.